Private Training


AB private training offers the forefront of industry leading research, information, and shooting practices to improve shooter success for any given discipline.

Private training courses provide the most in-depth and comprehensive learning and training environment. Subsequently this concentrated training approach advances the shooters’ skillset and knowledge at a rapid rate.


Private training is a two-day minimum duration and starts from $3000. Training durations can be extended during the request and planning process. Group and company training is also available. Discounts are included for additional training days and larger private groups.


Please submit an online training request to begin organizing your private training experience!


Each training day will commence by 8:00am and formally conclude at around 5:00pm. AB Trainers will also be available for follow up discussion and questions upon conclusion of the days’ formal training.


There are no knowledge prerequisites for private training, however participants must be a US citizen or US person.


Participants must be able to produce proof of citizenship or residency status upon request. Participants must possess competence in exercising weapon safety and handling.


You don’t need to be an athlete, but be prepared for multiple days of shooting regardless of the potential for less than favorable weather conditions.


Want some AB swag and merch to go with your private training? Or maybe an AB device such as a Kestrel or Garmin?


We can help you with this during the event planning process. Please provide additional information when submitting your online training request.