Meet The Team

Chris Wiencke

Chris started developing his shooting abilities with a .177 air rifle. He immediately set to work pushing the air rifle to its maximum capable distance and, when that was locked in the cabinet, reverting to the Mk 1 Blow Pipe. This led Chris to cultivate a passion for LR shooting, tracking, and hunting from a young age. Chris served in the Australian Army for several years, seeing operational service in Afghanistan and completing numerous military courses in sniping, visual tracking, surveillance, communications, and image capture. He worked as a contractor in Kabul, Afghanistan for another two years. During this time, he completed international courses in close personal protection and remote area medicine. Alongside accolades and awards, Chris holds a Graduate Diploma in Management (Learning), amassed over multiple years of training foreign national personnel and managing numerous sniper courses.


Christopher Palka

Chris spent 9 year in the Air Force before being retired. He spent some time overseas, and half of his career as an instructor. He taught and certified Advanced Assaulters Course, Advanced Explosive Breaching, and the Nuclear Sniper Course. Chris is married to his wife Alex and they have two beautiful daughters Aurora and Aria. They enjoy camping, fishing, and hiking as a family. Chris is also an avid hunter, he spends most of his time devoted to this pursuit.

Bryan Litz

Bryan’s passion for hitting targets started at a very early age with a sling shot. As he grew, he used all possible means to hit targets at longer and longer distances. Bryan transitioned from the slingshot to bows and hunting rifles, immersing himself in long range competition target shooting at the age of 15. After graduating with an aerospace engineering degree from Penn State he spent the next 6 years working on air-to-air missile design alongside the US Air Force. Bryan’s passion for small arms shooting led him to become the Chief Ballistician for Berger Bullets, and later establish Applied Ballistics in 2009. Bryan has won numerous regional, national and international level matches in addition to holding many US national records.  As a firing member on 3 winning America’s match US Palma Teams and an F-T/R team coach on another, Bryan is a world class shooter.


Chase Stroud

You’ll find Chase where a passion for long-range shooting meets obsession. He began shooting in 2000 and has been competing in long range since 2009. Over the years Chase has placed in and won several PRS matches. He is one of the few members of the 2 mile and 2.5-mile club. Chase is also a passionate LR game hunter, with several successful 1-mile single round engagements. Chase is also an avid family man, enjoying quality time with his wife and son. When he’s not shooting or spending time with his family, he can usually be found smoking a mean cut of steak or tinkering with high power diesel trucks. Reading the wind or estimating distant ranges instead of focusing on work is also another favorite pastime. Chase brings a bulletproof mindset and over 15 years of high value shooting experience.

Emil Praslick

Growing up in Brewster, New York, about an hour north of Manhattan, Praslick began his distinguished shooting career with a story familiar to many of us: plinking with dad. He credits much of his success in competition to a customized M1 from his youth, modified by his dad, who welded sights from another gun that was laying around. Upon joining the Army at 17, Praslick served as an infantryman. He noticed the plinking gun from his youth had given him an edge over his peers when it came to marksmanship. The Army noticed as well, and soon Praslick was his unit’s designated marksman. In 1998, with the AMU he won the Interservice Rifle Championship, and the rest is history.


Nick Vitalbo

President of nVision Technology Inc. and nVisti, LLC. – Nick obtained both his B.S. in Electrical Engineering and B.A. in Computer Science from Bucknell University in 2003 with areas of concentration on Physics and Mathematics. He was the technical lead on the IBEAM & Rapid Engagement Module programs executed through Applied Ballistics, Inc. and responsible for the software development on the Applied Ballistics Kestrel devices. In addition, Mr. Vitalbo has developed several other ballistics and wind sensing applications such as the Applied Ballistics Wind Sensor Array and the Android version of the Applied Ballistics Tactical Solver. Recent development includes the electronics and software development on nVision’s DARPA project.

Zachary Reed

Since a young age, Zach has had a penchant for two things: construction and destruction. These efforts were only multiplied after acquiring an array of hand tools, pellet guns, small-caliber rifles, and a few pounds of black powder. Numerous summer days in Wyoming were spent attempting to target as many rodents and vermin as ammunition and daylight would allow. Zach graduated from the University of Utah in 2017, earning a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering, as well as commissioning as a Field Artillery officer in the Utah Army National Guard. During college he competed in Salt Lake’s USPSA club, various PRS matches across the state, hunted elk, and used any excuse he could to apply university engineering resources to designing, testing, and manufacturing accessories and modifications for his ballistic endeavors.


Al Barnhart

Al spent 4 years in the Navy in the late-70s as an aircraft engine mechanic on F14 Tomcats at Pt Mugu Naval Air Station, California. Although the Navy wouldn’t let them touch guns, Al became interested in shooting at this time. He started shooting F-class in 2006, later becoming an F-Class Midrange and Long-range High Master. High Master is the NRA’s highest attainable ranking.  Currently Al holds 15 Mid and Long-Range F-TR records and has been awarded first, second or third place medals in over 75 major competitions throughout the USA and Canada. Al was a shooting member of the 2017 World Champion “USA F-Class Rifle Team” and was also awarded an “International Distinguished Badge”. Al’s present duties with Applied Ballistics LLC include Lab Tech, dimensioning and drawing incoming bullets, BC testing and gun maintenance.