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Our courses have been designed with all shooter skill levels in mind. This approach provides learning progression across numerous course packages, each culminating in a lot of range time!

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The LR Essentials course begins at the basic level, providing shooters with instruction in external ballistics, AB solvers, and practical LR application. AB Trainers will continue to introduce more difficult long-range engagements as you develop core shooting abilities and build on AB solver employment. This course teaches you to ring steel at 1000 yards using AB devices.


The Effective LR course concentrates on providing shooters with a wind estimation and external ballistics package. Course elements focus on alternate firing positions, effective employment of AB Solvers, and the practical science of long-range external ballistics. AB Trainers build on the shooters’ ability to judge wind conditions and effectively engage targets using alternate positions. Push your abilities and weapon platform to consistently bang steel out to 1200 yards.

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This training focuses on concentrated implementation of the previous course content while introducing extended long-range engagements. Max Effective provides an environment for shooters to refine their LR abilities to an advanced level while pushing an individual weapon system into trans and subsonic ranges. AB Trainers provide advanced skills, techniques, and methods to aid shooters in accurate extended LR engagements. Maximize your knowledge and shooting abilities while pushing the effective weapons range of your system.


LR Limits takes a different approach. This is a culmination course, providing an environment for shooters to apply all knowledge and skills. LR Limits places a very heavy focus towards practical application and involves multiple unique engagement scenarios extending beyond distances of 1500 yards. Test and sharpen your abilities against the clock while being placed under different scenario constraints.

Disclaimer: Courses of fire may cause a shooter to experience adverse humbling affects. Classroom instruction won’t be found here.

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Doppler Radar

In addition to some of the best LR instruction and training on offer is some of the most technologically advanced laboratory equipment in the industry, doppler radar. Only now, Applied Ballistics has made it mobile… Shooters may have the option to generate a Personalized Drag Model (PDM) for their individual LR rifle, using Doppler radar.